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Pause Festival workshop – Mapping people in space

Pause Festival workshop – Mapping people in space

Arup are running a workshop at Pause. I’m going to go, so I might see you there. Here’s their blub: Over the years we have done work with sensing and real-time information whether within the office or in the urban ...

Nov, 01 · in Melbourne

Design DEVS hack session

This is a bit of a new direction for compDesGrp! On Saturday the 27th we’re going to have a hack session to try and learn DesignDEVS. DEVS abbreviating Discrete Event System Specification is a modular ...

Oct, 17 · in Sydney

AR-MA code

In June, AR-MA will run two scripting workshops for architects: Algorithmic Design and Parametric Design. Each workshop will run for two days and will introduce participants to algorithmic and associative design methods.   ALGORITHMIC DESIGN ////////////////// Introduction to ...

May, 23

Brisbane’s May Session

Sorry for the slow start to the year in Brisbane everyone, I have been a bit preoccupied with my thesis write-up… On the 22nd of May we will be having a CDG session, with presentations ...

May, 15

Sydney: 30th April

Perennial CGD favourite Stuart Bull was due to talk at the last session, but was struck down by a vicious pandemic. Due to his cast iron constitution he’s back this time, and with an even ...

Apr, 19

Internships at AR-MA

AR-MA have an immediate need for the following positions: Internships – Architecture   Requirements: Strong graphic and design talent Strong 3D modeling skills in Maya and Rhino Strong rendering skills Excellent command of Adobe Creative ...

Mar, 26

Domes, Drawings and Dealing with Dumps…

..amongst other things. Sydney computational design group is back! The call for presenters worked, and we’ve got a full dance card for this coming Monday (the 19th of March).  The three brave chaps presenting will ...

Mar, 13



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